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How to use Ai to write the perfect College Acceptance and Scholarship letters


In today’s competitive academic landscape, standing out in scholarship applications is crucial. At Ai Intersection, we utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to craft personalized, compelling scholarship essays that highlight the unique qualities of each applicant. However, using AI tools improperly can lead to generic and ineffective outputs. This guide will walk you through a strategic approach using a custom AI model to ensure your applications are not only efficient but also distinctively effective.

Common AI Missteps:

  • Generic Outputs: Directing an AI to “write a document” often results in impersonal content.
  • One-Size-Fits-All Templates: These can get easily flagged by AI detection systems, lack necessary specificity, and create more manual work due to extensive placeholder customization.

Our Strategic Approach:

We advocate for a tailored method that enhances individual expression using AI. This guide will detail how to leverage AI for drafting scholarship essays that are personalized and impactful.

Why Use AI for Your Scholarship Essays?

AI can efficiently analyze and incorporate vast amounts of data about your educational background and achievements into a well-structured and persuasive essay, maintaining your personal voice while saving time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using AI for Scholarship Essays

Step 1: Set Up Your Prompt Template

Prepare a detailed prompt template that the AI will use to understand your requirements and generate your document:

## Input Prompt for AI Model:

### 1. Applicant Details:
   - **Name:** [Applicant's Full Name]
   - **Education Level:** [Applicant's Current Education Level, e.g., High School Senior, College Junior]
   - **Field of Study:** [Applicant's Major or Area of Interest]
   - **Background:** [Brief Personal Background or Significant Experiences that Shaped the Applicant]
   - **Achievements:** [Key Achievements Relevant to the Scholarship]
   - **Career Goals:** [Applicant's Career Aspirations]

### 2. Document Details:
   - **Scholarship Name:** [Name of the Scholarship]
   - **Offering Institution:** [Name of the Organization or Institution Offering the Scholarship]
   - **Document Type:** [Type of Document, e.g., Personal Statement, Scholarship Essay]
   - **Requirements:** [Specific Requirements or Questions the Scholarship Essay Must Address]
   - **Word Limit:** [Word Limit for the Document, if any]

### Instructions to AI Model:
Generate a personalized **[Document Type]** for the **[Scholarship Name]** that highlights the applicant's background, achievements, and alignment with the scholarship goals. Ensure the essay addresses all specific requirements and stays within the word limit.

You’ll want to copy this prompt template, and drop it into some type of editor. I use Visual Studio, but you can use whatever you want.

Step 2: Customize Your Template

Fill in all placeholders in in Section 1 with personal information to tailor the template to your specific details. Save the whole prompt in a Prompt Library for easy reuse.


Image 1 – EXAMPLE updated first section of Prompt Template

After you have updated your details in section 1, save the prompt.

User accessing the ‘Save as’ File Menu

Now that you have saved your customized prompt template, its time to use it.

TIP: Save your prompt templates into a spreadsheet based library. This will help you organize your prompt templates and information as you grow your knowledge and experience.

– Eddie
Image 3 – Screenshot of Prompt Template Library Concept

Step 3: Engage the AI Model

Copy your customized template into a chat with an AI model, like ChatGPT. Customize further as needed based on the specific scholarship or application requirements, by filling in all remaining placeholders, specifically in Section 2.

TIP: Instead of completing the remaining placeholders within the chat directly, consider using a text editor for those edits. Copy the partially completed prompt template into your editor, and use that as a staging location for for your prompt.

– Eddie
Image 4 – Example of completeing editing of Section 2 in Code Editor

Step 4: Humanize and Finalize

Use tools like to ensure your AI-generated essay maintains a human touch:

Section-by-Section Input: Manage your essay in sections to better control the quality.

Image 6 - User selecting the first section of article
Image 6 – User selecting the first section of article

Use the Free AI Check First: Identify parts likely to be flagged as AI-generated before humanizing.

Image 5 - User testing for ai using Check button at
Image 5 – User testing for ai using Check button at

Humanize Only When Necessary: Adjust only the parts identified by the AI check by clicking on Humanize. Copy your new humanized content out and paste it over the original content in the article.

Incremental Checks: Refine the text to ensure it retains a natural and authentic tone, and check for grammatical or spelling errors.


AI technology is a powerful tool for enhancing your scholarship applications, making them more personalized and impactful. By following this guide, you can utilize AI to streamline the creation of your essays while ensuring they showcase the best of your achievements and aspirations.

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