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Top 5 Online AI Music Generators for Content Creators

Discover the top 5 AI music generators for content creators. Dive into the world of online music creation! Let your creativity soar with these innovative tools.
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In today’s digital landscape, AI music generators are revolutionizing the way musicians, producers, and content creators craft music. These innovative tools offer unique features and capabilities, making music creation accessible to a broader audience. Here’s a look at the top five online AI music generators, highlighting their functionalities and pricing in US dollars.

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Aiva website thumbnail image
Aiva website thumbnail image

AIVA, an AI music generation assistant, revolutionizes the creation of songs in over 250 styles within seconds. Catering to both beginners and seasoned music professionals, AIVA harnesses the power of generative AI, offering ultimate customizability and an intuitive workflow. Users can create their own style models, upload audio or MIDI influences, and edit their tracks with ease, supporting various file formats for download.

Aiva user dashboard
Aiva user dashboard
  • Pros:
    • Generates new songs in 250 different styles rapidly.
    • High customizability: create styles, edit tracks, and upload influences.
    • No licensing hassle for monetization with the Pro Plan.
  • Cons:
    • The free version limits downloads and track duration.
    • Full copyright ownership only available under the Pro Plan.

Pricing Options:

  • Free, Forever: €0. For non-commercial use, credit must be given to AIVA, 3 downloads/month, up to 3-minute tracks.
  • Standard Annually: €11/month. For limited monetization on platforms like YouTube, no credit needed, 15 downloads/month, up to 5-minute tracks.
  • Pro Annually: €33/month. Full monetization and copyright ownership, 300 downloads/month, tracks up to 5 mins 30 secs, high-quality WAV files.


Soundation website thumbnail.
Soundation website thumbnail.

Soundation is a comprehensive online music creation studio, designed to empower users to create, record, and edit music directly in the browser. It offers a variety of features suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Soundation user dashboard.
Soundation user dashboard.
  • Pros:
    • Offers over 700 royalty-free loops.
    • Includes 5 virtual synthesizers and 4 sample players for diverse music creation.
    • Features 14 real-time effects and comprehensive DAW tools.
    • Provides a premium sound library with more than 12,000 loops and samples (available with paid accounts).
    • Suitable for creating music in various genres.
  • Cons:
    • Some advanced features are only available in paid versions.
    • The interface might be overwhelming for complete beginners.

Soundation offers several pricing options, catering to different needs:

  • Starter Plan: Billed at $4.99/month. Offers unlimited projects, more than 12,000 loops and samples, and 10GB storage.
  • Creator Plan: Priced at $9.99/month. Provides additional features suitable for more experienced creators.
  • Pro Plan: Details were not specified in the sources, but it’s likely tailored for professional-level needs.

For detailed information on Soundation’s features, requirements, and the latest updates, you can visit their official website at Soundation.


Sound Draw website thumbnail.
Sound Draw website thumbnail.

Soundraw is a dynamic AI music generation platform that empowers users to create beats using AI technology. It offers a range of music genres including Hip Hop, Trap, Drill, R&B, Latin, and more, catering to diverse creative needs.

Sound Draw user dashboard.
Sound Draw user dashboard.
  • Pros:
    • True royalty-free: Users own the music license forever without copyright issues.
    • Unlimited music generation: Allows creation of songs by simply choosing mood, genre, and length.
    • Customization: Users can make intros shorter or change chorus positions easily.
    • Diverse for creators and artists: Soundraw meets the needs of both content creators and artists, with options to monetize songs.
  • Cons:
    • Device Limitation: Cannot use the same account on more than one device simultaneously.
    • Download Limits on Free Version: The free version may have limitations on downloads and features compared to paid plans.

Pricing Options:

  • Free Plan: $0 forever. Generate unlimited songs, bookmark songs.
  • Creator Plan: $16.99/month. Ideal for background music in videos, podcasts, games, etc., with unlimited downloads and commercial use.
  • Artist Plan: $29.99/month. Add vocals to beats, distribute to platforms like Spotify, keep royalties, up to 30 downloads/month.
  • API Plan: $500/month. For companies integrating Soundraw’s AI technology. Offers ultra-fast music generation and unlimited downloads.

For more detailed information and to explore their offerings, visit Soundraw’s website.


Landr website thumbnail image.
Landr website thumbnail image.

LANDR is a multifaceted music creation platform that goes beyond just AI music generation. It offers a wide range of services, including AI-driven mastering, distribution, and a selection of curated samples and exclusive plugins.

Landr website thumbnail.
Landr website thumbnail.
  • Pros:
    • Comprehensive services: Offers mastering, distribution, samples, and plugins.
    • AI Mastering: Provides fast, pro-level AI mastering both online and via a plugin.
    • Collaboration tools: Connect with collaborators and access a community of professionals.
    • Educational content: Offers premium music courses and tutorials.
    • Subscription model: LANDR Studio offers various services at an affordable monthly rate.
  • Cons:
    • Complex for beginners: The range of features may be overwhelming for new users.
    • Subscription commitment: Some users might prefer a pay-as-you-go model over a subscription.

Pricing Options:

  • Studio Plan: $11.99/month or $99.28 billed annually. Offers unlimited mastering, distribution, samples, plugins, and courses.
  • Studio Pro Plan: $24.99/month or $149.94 billed annually. Includes everything in the Studio plan plus unlimited WAV + HDWAV masters and the LANDR Mastering plugin.

For more detailed information, you can visit LANDR’s website at LANDR.

(Note: The information provided here is a simplified summary and may be subject to changes. For the most current details and offerings, please refer to the official website.)


Mubert website thumbnail.
Mubert website thumbnail.

Mubert is an innovative AI generative music platform that offers a variety of services for different user groups, including content creators, artists, developers, and listeners. It combines the creativity of music producers with AI technology to produce royalty-free music perfectly suited to various applications.

Mubert user dashboard.
Mubert user dashboard.
  • Pros:
    • Versatility: Offers services like Mubert Render for content creators, Mubert Studio for artists, and Mubert API for developers.
    • Customization: Users can create soundtracks to fit specific moods, durations, and tempos with Mubert Render.
    • Collaboration Opportunities: Mubert Studio allows artists to earn from their tracks, samples, and loops.
    • Integration Capabilities: Mubert API facilitates integration of original music into products and apps.
    • Diverse Listening Experience: Mubert Play provides an evolving music experience for various occasions.
    • Royalty-Free: All music generated is royalty-free, avoiding copyright issues.
  • Cons:
    • Specificity for Creators: Some features might be more tailored to specific types of creators or artists.
    • Complexity for Casual Users: The range of options and customizations might be overwhelming for casual or non-technical users.

Pricing Options:
Mubert offers a range of services, each potentially having its own pricing structure. However, detailed pricing information was not explicitly mentioned on the website. Interested users and developers are encouraged to contact Mubert directly for specific pricing details regarding services like Mubert Render, Mubert Studio, and Mubert API.

For a more detailed understanding of Mubert’s offerings and to explore their services, please visit Mubert’s website.


These AI music generators represent a leap forward in the field of music production, offering diverse, innovative solutions for creators at all levels. Each tool brings its unique flair to the table, aligning with the vision of EGB Services in harnessing technology for artistic expression. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a content creator venturing into music production, exploring these tools can significantly enhance your creative capabilities. They embody the innovative spirit of EGB Services, pushing the boundaries of digital music creation.

For more information or personalized technology solutions, visit EGB Services[ ].

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