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AI in Action: Shaping the Early Stages of

Introduction: At, we’re excited to showcase a real-world application of AI in the burgeoning field of digital media critique. We’ve recently embarked on an ambitious project,, in collaboration with esteemed critic Peter Hakanson. This blog post delves into how AI technology is playing a pivotal role in the initial development of this innovative platform.

The Genesis of is more than just a review site; it’s a meeting ground for critics and media enthusiasts alike. In its current form, the site is a rough draft, featuring a basic structure and our very first review. But, as with any great story, this is only the beginning.

Collaboration with Peter Hakanson: Peter Hakanson’s expertise in media critique is the cornerstone of His insights ensure that the content resonates with our audience, providing a foundation for the site’s AI-driven features.

Incorporating AI Technology: Our focus has been on integrating AI to enhance user experience and engagement. From personalized critic recommendations to AI-enhanced review summarization, we are exploring various AI applications to make not just a platform for reviews, but a personalized experience for each user.

The Development Process: As captured in our latest video, set to the captivating “Joe Hisaishi: Studio Ghibli Experience, Part 1”, the development of is a blend of technical skill and creative vision. This synergy is evident in the way we’re leveraging AI to create a platform that evolves with its users.

Looking Ahead: What you see today on is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re committed to continuously enhancing the platform, integrating more AI features, and expanding our content. This project is a journey, and we invite you to join us as we document each step towards creating a dynamic and intelligent critique platform.

Conclusion: Stay tuned to for more updates on and insights into how AI is transforming the landscape of media critique. Our journey with Peter Hakanson is a testament to the power of collaborative innovation and AI’s potential in reshaping digital experiences.

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